Algorithm Based Simulation

In real life, decisions made by the doctors has consequences. CaseTree is simulating the decision making process of physicians.

Physicians can go through the treatment approach and see the consequences for the patient of their decisions. Being able to see the results of their decisions can make them aware of missing elements in their treatment approach.

The system could be used in 2 different formats

The first as a self-study training tool/self detailing format, and the second is a meeting format.

In a meeting format the presenter/ moderator introduces and controls the application and the other attendees submit their answers.

Case Preparation

Two Options Available

  1. Option 1: The company shares  new complete patient cases with the excel file
  2. Option 2: Casemice creates the cases according to the Company brief with a physician



 Cases links provided by Casemice are shared with doctors by the company

Doctors solve the cases and gets feedback

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