Casemice Case Simulation Platforms

Casemice provides Case simulation platform for doctor training and communication with specific patient cases. Doctors examine the patient cases which were uploaded on mobile devices. They go through all the necessary steps from physical examination to diagnosis and their treatment behavior reported without personal information. Case simulation gives you better insight on the doctors behavior which allows you to give tailor made messaging via personal feedback, round table meetings, online meetings or booth & satellite activities.

Why does case simulation work?

As we learn new things, we build on our existing knowledge. The matching of new knowledge to our experience plays a major role in the permanence of knowledge in memory. The goal of the case simulation is to make doctors visualize virtual patient in their mind by attaching it to their previous experience. This enables doctors to relate KOL feedbacks with their own patients. Opening up a window of opportunity for new knowledge to be internalized.

The relationship that has been built between us with Casemice is more than an ordinary company-agency relations. Casemice is an agency we used to work in many different therapeutic areas in MSD for long.

They are beyond an agency in many ways.  For instance, there are times when you do not pay much attention to some aspects of a Project as a product manager, Casemice finds out those parts that pose a risk and forewarn you about the consequences . They have the all characteristics such as  analytical perspective, innovative solutions etc. that are essential for an agency. I’m happy that they are here with us and hope to work together in the future projects. Busra Sengocen Vaccine Brand & Customer Manager at MSD

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AI supported patient case simulations

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